RL6/50/5 combined with RL19/180/5 is designed as a twopiece
otter fence for installation in areas of restricted accessibility.
This enables the RL6/50/5 (ground skirt) to be installed before the
intermediate posts and RL19/180/5 (top net) are installed. The two
nets are connected with netting clips. The nets have pre-stripped
ends for ease of joining. It features solid vertical wires and the
unobtrusive high pressure bonded Torus knot which does not have
any sharp edges. Tornado Torus Otter Fence is manufactured with
high tensile wire which strains tighter than mild steel and so requires
fewer intermediate posts, making it quicker to erect. It does not
stretch with weathering so does not need to be retightened annually

Stock fencing comes in many heights and lenghts to suit different purposes. To identify the stock fence they are all given a code such as L10/118/15.
The letters denote the wire type:
L = Light Mild Steel (2.0mm)
C - Medium Mild Steel (2.5mm)
LHT - Light High Tensile (2.0mm)
HT - High Tensile (2.5mm)
The number after the letters shows how many horizontal wires are in the fence.
The next numbers are the fence height in centimeters.
The last number is the distance between the vertical wires.

Tornado Wire has created a range of stock fencing, and offers some specialist fences for lambs, Pheasant Friendly fence giving game birds free access while retaining sheep and cattle.

When buying stock fence look at the options, as cost savings can be made buying fences with less line wires and bigger spacing. High tensile fences are stronger than mild steel, but mild steel is easier to use.

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