Ulti-Mate has the very latest Pozisquare recess which gives you the stick fit with the driver bit that is supplied free in every box.
- This innovative recess allows higher fastening torque, is safer and more stable and can be driven with any cross point driver.
- The screw recess provides better protection against driver bit damage.
- Ulti-Mate screws have self-countersinking ribs and the thicker, stronger shank works better in a wall plug.
- The single lead thread provides smoother controlled driving; Important for power tools.
- This single thread resists stripping and gives greater holding power.
- Ulti-Mate screws start quickly, drill their own pilot hole and their waxed coating allows them to drive in easier.
- Hardening makes them tough and resistant to recess damage. With their Golden zinc finish they look great in all your projects.

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