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Traps should be set along regular runways being used with either a plastic trap cover (single or double) or wooden box. Designed to catch rats, stoats, weasles. Available in two sizes Mk4 and Mk6. These traps are designed to be set in 'runs' (regular pathway) or beneath trap cover that guide the animal over the set trap. They are a kill trap and break the animals spine. Mk 4 is best suited for capture of Rats and Stoats.

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Drop box Traps are a well established method of catching large quantities of rabbits in re-occuring problem areas. They were a very popular trap during the war years as the rabbits were caught undamaged and the meat and pelts were of high value.

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RACO Rabbit & Squirrel Cage Trap: A traditional style cage trap that comes flat packed to avoid taking up lots of space. Very easy to assemble and de-construct when not in use. For the humane trapping of rabbits, squirrels and similar sized pests. The entrance is quickly sprung closed when the intruder takes the bait. Safely trapping it inside. Easy to assemble flat pack design. Re-usable No poison required Setting Trap 1) Carefully unfold cage. The cage should naturally spring into shape. 2) Pull the back door down in to the closed position. 3) Secure back door with locking bar by inserting through the 2 back hoops, hooking bar onto cage to firmly secure cage door. 4) Pull down the support swing arms and insert into clips. 5) To open front cage door, Push down on spring bar lever and lift cage door at the same time. Attach to hook on top of cage. 6) Take treadle foot plate rod. Place the small u shaped hook through the bottom of treadle foot plate. Hook the other end onto spring catch. The treadle foot plate should now be slightly raised and the trap is now set. How to use 1) Bait the cage with a suitable bait (Squirrel e.g. nuts or peanut butter/Rabbit e.g. lettuce or carrots) and place at front of cage as well as at back and behind treadle foot plate. 2) Once the pest steps on to the treadle plate where the bait is placed the door will automatically shut trapping the rat inside. 3) Place cage near to known pest activity. Tips Camouflage cage with anything thatís growing nearby, like branches, leaves or long grass to mimic environment.

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Pest-Stop's squirrel trap is a high quality, tough, galvanised steel cage designed for the humane trapping of squirrels and other similar size pests. It is highly effective at trapping squirrels due to the reliable trip-plate mechanism, and has plenty of room so as not to cause undue harm to the pest. The trap requires no assembly and is easy to use - simply bait the trap and set - with a carry handle for easy transportation. Please note: It is illegal to release captured live grey squirrels back into the wild. The captured squirrel should be humanely killed. For further information, contact DEFRA or the RSPCA.

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