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The R10 Brake Cleaner from Motip clean and degrease brakes including cars and motorcycles, multiple applications are also possible. Motip R10 Brake Cleaner has strong degreasing properties to oil, grease and dirt late fizz off.

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Silicone free, multi-purpose, service spray. Displaces water, prevents corrosion, penetrates/releases, lubricates, electrical insulator and damp starter and light degreaser. Can be used on all types of electrical equipment without impairing performance. Insulates electrics due to high dielectric strength. Penetrates tight tolerances to release seized nuts, bolts, components etc.

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Part number 30400GP
Specifications - Multi-purpose grease is a natural-coloured, mineral oil-based
lubricating grease saponified with a lithium base.
Application - Suitable for lubrication of roller bearings and slip bearings, as unit grease
for vehicles, construction machines and agricultural equipment.
- Can also be used in dusty and damp operating conditions.
Properties - Good corrosion protection
- Adhesive
- Resistant to oxidation
- Waterproof
- Shear stable
Technical information - Multi Purpose Grease Is A Water Resistant Homogenous Lithium Based Grease
- Tan Coloured
- Smooth Texture
- Melting Point 190ºC
Unit Each
Temperature range (°C) -35°C to +120°C
NLGI class K 2 K-30
Colour Natural colour

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Part number 31500GP
Specifications - Gopart EP long-lasting grease is a grease saponified with a lithium base
Application - Can be used universally
- Particularly suitable for lubricating agricultural, construction
and industrial machines
Properties - High shear resistance and resistance to oxidation
- Adhesive and able to withstand pressure
- Water resistant and anti-corrosive
Technical information - Screw-in cartridge
Unit Each
Colour Natural colour
Temperature range (°C) -30°C to +120°C
NLGI class 2
Water resistance 1 - 90
Indication (DIN 51 502) K 2 K-30
Drop point DIN ISO 2176 ca. 185°C
Content (g) 500
Packaging unit 20

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OIL - 3 IN 1 100ml

Lubricates, cleans and prevents rust Supplied in a convenient drip can with cap 100's of jobs around the place

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OIL - EP 80W/90 1 LTR

Rock Oils EP Gear Oils are extreme pressure lubricants suitable for all gearbox and differential applications where the API specification GL4 is stipulated Products in the EP range have been formulated using an advanced additive package, which ensures optimum performance levels and complete protection in the most extreme conditions Maximum Thermal Stability Excellent anti-corrosion and seal properties superb protection against oxidation an foaming

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Part number RP90
Specifications RP-90 Rapid Penetrating oil spray is fast acting penetrating and release fluid. RP-90 Rapid penetrating oil is 30% less dense than water which results in excellent penetrating power and releasing capability. RP-90 frees jammed rusted parts quickly and cleanly. RP-90 rapid penetrating oil spray is formulated to be effective on wet rusty metals. RP-90 also works to protect against rust and corrosion by displacing moisture and can be used to remove grime and dirt. RP-90 lubricates moving parts, removes grime and rust film and is nonconductive. RP-90 contains no CFC's or chlorinated solvents. RP-90 is silicone-free spray penetrates and lubricates to extend equipment life, acts as a moisture displacer and corrosion inhibitor. RP-90 cleans tar, Grease, and removes rust and adhesives. Dissolves dirt and grime RP-90 will lubricate tight crevices and releases seized parts. RP-90 offers superior corrosion protection by leaving a non-conductive film. RP-90 acts as a protective barrier, displaces moisture and dries out ignitions.
Benefits - Excellent penetrating power
- Fast acting releasing capability
- Protects against rust and corrosion
- Reduces friction and wear
- 30% less dense than water which results in excellent penetrating power and releasing capability
Application - Anti-seize, Assembly & Dismantle
- General Lubricant
- Release Fluids
- Plumbing Products
Consists of - 500ml Aerosol
Unit Each
Content (ml) 500

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Roof & Gutter Sealant is a premium quality butyl based sealant and adhesive that provides instant, permanent weather-proofing to a wide variety of roofing applications. Adheres to most common roofing materials such as bitumen, asphalt, felt, metals and wood.

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Multi-purpose silicone sealant that cures quickly to provide a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal. It contains a powerful anti-fungicide to prevent mould growth. Sealing around worktops, laminates baths, showers, basins and other sanitary ware, etc. Cartridge size: 310ml.

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