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Designed for use where soils are particularly impoverished Analysis: 20-10-10 Granular, lawn fertiliser with conventional sources of nutrients. Higher Nitrogen levels give an extra feed to grass requiring good colour and strong growth. Improves plant density and hence sward texture. Bag Size: 25kg Application Rate: 35-50gms/sq metre Coverage: Up to 570 sq mtrs Longevity: 2-4 weeks

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Active Ingredient7% Nitrogen, 7% Phosphate & 7% Potassium Spreading Rate 100g per m Area Covered 250m Pack Size 25kg Required Safety Equipment -Gloves Growmore is a highly effective general-purpose fertiliser especially designed to promote strong healthy Plants, Trees & Vegtables. It contains the three major plant nutrients to promote heavy crops of fruit and vegetables, vigorous plants and beautiful flowers. In the spring and throughout the growing season Application rate for Vegetable Plots is: 140g/m2. Application rate for General Plants is:70gm/m2 If you require a stronger blend for use in grass, look at our 20-10-10-fertiliser.

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Iron sulphate is used to green & toughen up grass as well as suppress the growth of moss. Apply by knapsack or boom sprayer to ensure there is good coverage of the moss. Use 500L of water per hectare to help improve coverage of thicker swards of grass. This particular Iron Sulphate has a built in acidifier system which helps to slow the oxidising effect which in turn blocks nozzles & sprayers. This is a high-quality iron formulation used by many professionals. Iron sulphate can be used all year round including during colder spells of weather, where it will help strengthen the plant against frost and disease. Iron is absorbed by the leaf giving rapid results and has been known to blacken moss within hours. This product is fully dissolvable in water although good agitation is advised in order to avoid blocked nozzles. It is ideal for treating large areas such as horse paddocks & amenity areas. **Due to recent changes in the law, products which contain ferrous sulphate can no longer be claimed to have control against moss. This is because any product which 'controls' moss is now classed as a herbicide, and this requires the product to have an expensive and complex approval. Due to this, we are unable to claim that this product will control moss; In spite of the fact that the product formulation has not changed since when it was used to control moss with very good results**

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This product is ideal for use in lawns where you want to do three jobs at once. It will kill a range of weeds, remove moss & fertilise the grass for a stronger and healthier looking lawn. You can expect to control weeds such as Daisy, Plantain, Dandelion & Clover. The Ferrous Sulphate will kill the moss quickly while fertilising the grass at the same time. Apply this product between February & September for best results.

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